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My Journey

Hello! My name is Angel.

Thank you for looking at my site and enquiring about a Reiki session!

I understand that experiencing something new that you know little about, like Reiki, can make you feel vulnerable and can be nerve wracking- I have been in your shoes, so I get it! It's important to feel comfortable when you are looking for your potential Reiki practitioner, so here's a little bit about me to see if you like my vibe :)

I've grown up near the ocean my whole life and have a deep respect for nature. My favourite things to do in my spare time is spend moments at the beach or walking around, anywhere with big trees and open spaces. 

 I find these areas especially grounding and filled with a special kind of energy that can't be found to the same, cleansing level in built-up areas. I feel most "myself" when immersed in these areas of natural beauty and power and without originally realising the significance, decorated my house in both green and blue colours.

I booked my first first Reiki session having no idea what Reiki was and not knowing what I was about to experience. I had always loved crystals, had an interest in healing the body naturally and had been using tarot and oracle cards for years. But, Reiki healing was completely new to me.

All I knew before booking that first session was that I was feeling flat, emotional and ready for some changes in my life.

A close friend of mine had been seeing someone for Reiki and suggested 'I check it out' for myself. After two sessions I knew that I wanted to be a practitioner as it felt so damn good!!

I literally thought to myself "where the hell has this been my entire life!?".

Since then, I have completed Levels 1 and 2 in the traditional Usui Method of Reiki in Melbourne and completed my Masters initiation in Rishikesh, India. I have completed many healings on clients face-to-face and through distance healing and each experience is unique and special.

I am extremely passionate about natural healing and working in harmony with Western medicine to feel the best we can- mentally, physically and in our spirit 



Reiki is a natural, Japanese healing technique which ignites the clients ability to release energy that no longer serves them. The Japanese word ‘reiki’ can be translated as ‘universal life energy’ and the Usui System is a way of working with reiki for healing of self and others. Reiki is based on the principal that everything is energy. The universal energy flows through me as your practitioner and into you to promote overall wellbeing, healing and health. The word healing is used in the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness. 

The body can hold onto emotions as stagnant energy which can leave us feeling flat, emotionally out of control and can also make us sick and can cause injuries.

We have seven main chakras which are spinning energy discs and Reiki aims to get these chakras back to a state of balance so that you are living in a state of optimal health and feel like you're best self again. 

Post treatment my clients have experienced mental clarity, physical relief of aches, pains and illness, a feeling of lightness and have alleviated feelings of stress and anxiety from their lives.

Reiki gives you the space to make decisions that are the best for you and that come from a place of deep self love and respect.


Every Reiki session that I give involves complimentary crystal healing and oracle card reading. 
Crystals have their own vibrational energy and can be used independently of Reiki for personal healing and to assist with meditation. 
Crystals contain different vibrational frequencies that positively interact with our body's energy field and chakras (spinning energy discs).
I have found that using crystals in my practice enhances the depth of the healings provided. They raise our vibrational energy and help to release negativity and beliefs that do not serve you. 
I intuitively choose crystals to place on your body to promote balance and harmony.
Oracle cards give you extra messages for things that you need to work on or what may be coming into your life soon. They can be very helpful with questions you have about your life or a direction you need to take. I use these to enhance the messages that I receive for you from spirit. I send through pictures of your cards and their descriptions to your phone so you can sit in a quiet space and read over them at your leisure. It can be overwhelming to receive so much information so I like for you to be able to read over all of my notes whenever you feel like you need them. It is for this reason that I write down all of the spirit messages that I hear for you so you can re-read these whenever you need to.


If you don't live near Mount Duneed in Victoria we can organise a distance healing. This can be done via Skype or phone call. 

I still use crystals and cleanse the area with Sage and Palo Santo. However, the Reiki session will not go for as long as a tradition session as I heal the whole body at once, rather than focus on individual areas at a time like in a face-to-face appointment. 

These sessions also include a small oracle card reading and any messages that come through from spirit. 

Distance healings can also be organised for loved ones. But please note, I speak to their soul before the session starts and I need to ask permission for the session to continue and at times people will say no, even if they are in need of healing. This can be due to them not being ready to start their healing journey or if they aren't ready to let go of certain energies at that time. 

Please contact me if you wish to know more about the possibilities of distance healings.


Please allow 1 Hr 15 mins - 1.5 hours for an initial Reiki session and 1 Hr 15 Mins for a returning session.

Every session involves an in depth Reiki session and complimentary services of:

- The use of dōTERRA essential oils 

- Sage smudging

- Palo Santo

- Crystal healing

- Oracle card reading

- Messages from spirit

- Post Reiki de-brief

If you do not wish to have any of the complimentary services in your session that is absolutely fine, I understand that everyone is unique! Please just mention this at the start of your session or at the time of booking in. 

Every Reiki healer has their own style. Even if you have had a Reiki session before, Ocean Reiki will be a different experience for you. During an Ocean Reiki session you will lie fully clothed and under a blanket on a massage bed, either on your front or back depending on where I feel needs to be worked on.

Reiki is known as "hands-on healing" but I mostly work in the energy field above the body (your auric field) rather than physically touch you. This allows me to read the energy of the body more clearly and receive messages from spirit more readily. 

You may experience feelings of tingling, coolness, warmth, relaxation, have visualisations and have emotions rise to the surface (laugh or cry during a session). All of this is normal and everyone's exposure to Reiki will be unique and we will discuss this together after the session.

If you have any questions please contact me through email or give me a text or phone call to ask more.

Choose today to put yourself first. You haven't found my website by "chance". Something inside you has urged you to seek a change.

Contact me today to find out about my unique approach to healthcare and ultimate well-being and to book a visit.

Coming soon....

- Australian Bush Flower Essences
- Oracle card workshops
- Kundalini Yoga
- Full moon circles
- New moon circles